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Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co.,Ltd.

"Oriental Yuhong entered Chinese building waterproofing industry in 1995. Over 20 years of accumulation of plentiful experience in building materials industry.10 sub-brands, 19 production, R&D and logistics bases, and more than 50 subsidiaries. Over 200 real estate business companies have stable strategic cooperation with the Group. Provide all-round system services from consultation anddesign to construction and maintenance. It’s products and services have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions such as Germany, Brazil, Australia, the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Central Africa, and South Africa. Market value of the company has exceeded 40 billion yuan (March 12, 2018). We are making efforts to realize the dream of “global Oriental Yuhong”. "

Oriental Yuhong entered Chinese building waterproofing industry in 1995. In the 20-year developmentcourse, Oriental Yuhong has been devoted to providing high-quality and perfect waterproofing systemsolutions for important infrastructure construction projects, industrial buildings, civil buildings andcommercial buildings. Now it has grown into a global waterproofing system provider. Adhering to theguideline “return for nation, service to people”, Oriental Yuhong has also invested into many fields suchas non-woven fabrics, building energy efficiency, and mortar. It owns many brands and covers variousbusiness segments, including Oriental Yuhong (engineering), Yuhong (civil construction materials),Woniushan (energy saving and insulation), Fuda (energy saving and insulation), TDF (non-woven fabric),Fasion (waterproofing), Vasa (mortar), Lodi (diatom mud), Wuzhou Circle Diagram, etc. Oriental Yuhongholds more than 50 subsidiaries, including Shanghai Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd., HKOriental Yuhong Investment Co., Ltd., and Oriental Yuhong North America Co., Ltd., etc., and hasmanufacturing, R&D, and logistics bases respectively in 19 cities throughout the countryOriental Yuhong makes an unremitting pursuit of sustainable development continuously. It promotes scaledevelopment with science and technology advancement, excellent products, satisfying services, and safety& environmental protection. It was authorized to build the National Key Laboratory of Special WaterproofMaterials, and has established a National-certified Enterprise Technology Center, the Academician ExpertWorkstation, and the Post-doctoral Research Center, etc. Its R&D system is increasingly being improvedand it has built up four R&D centers for product, application, construction equipment and productiontechnique. In addition, the company has founded a vocational technical institute in order to improvestandardized construction service skills and to cultivate industrial workers of global competitiveness. Tocatch up with the international pace in scientific and technological R&D, Oriental Yuhong has built up aR&D center in the Spring House Innovation Park in Pennsylvania, USA and has cooperated with LehighUniversity for several R&D projects.Oriental Yuhong is responsible for solving all waterproofing problems for human society. As a professionalprovider of waterproofing system solutions, Oriental Yuhong has successfully applied various specialwaterproofing systems to buildings, highways, urban roads and bridges, metros and urban railways,high-speed railways, airports, and water conservancy facilities. Outstanding examples are China’srepresentative buildings, e.g. China’s Great Hall and venues for 2008 Beijing Olympics including theBird’s Nest and the Water Cube, and important national infrastructure construction projects such asBeijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and Beijing subway.Oriental Yuhong is always making efforts to realize the dream of a “global Oriental Yuhong”, makingcontribution to build a harmonious habitat for people, and fulfilling the corporate mission of “creat asustainable and safe environment for human society”. With the overall implementation of OrientalYuhong’s international strategy, its high-quality products have been exported to more than 100 countriesand regions such as Germany, Brazil, Australia, the United States, Canada, RussiaJapan, Singapore, South Korea, Central Africa and South Africa.

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